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Official confirmed update. 475 On Board 6 Dead (3 male student, 2 female students, 1 female crew member) 179 Rescued 290 Unaccounted/Missing

(ETA) Update:
As of 11:00AM the toll is: 9 (4 unidentified) dead, 287 missing, 179 rescued, 475 were on board. 
The ferry appears to have sunk deeper:

Coast Guard says Sewol ferry was out of its normal routine. (Yonhap)
Current weather, foggy, expecting 10-40 mm of rain:

Cranes are en route to take the ferry out of the water.
555 divers trying to search Sewol in vain amid strong current/low visibility (20cm). Giant cranes to lift the ship to arrive only tomorrow.
Coast guards attempting their rescue efforts this morning:

There is currently no ID of the captain or a statement from him or the crew.We are still unaware if all the passengers are still trapped in the boat or if any were able to escape and are wading out in the waters.
The US Navy is now joining efforts in search of more passengers.
Awaiting further word from officials on the matter.

Very small update
Toll is the same.
A video taken by a survivor while on the Sewol Ferry as it was tilted:
Messages left on a chalk board in Danwon High School for passengers to come back safely:

Cars parked outside of Danwon High School:

Somber mood of the auditorium of Danwon High School as friends and family await news: ship captain that saved 27 passengers (Yonhap).(Note: Not the captain of Sewol Ferry)

Current toll: 475 on board, 179 rescued, 26 dead, 270 missing.To put things into perspective of Danwon High School: 75 rescued, 12 dead, 238 unaccounted. 
Search and Rescue efforts have stopped again due to severe weather conditions. Will restart at 1PM.
The reason why the ship capsized remains unconfirmed although reports suggest it might have hit a submerged rock (Yonhap).
Crew member Oh Yong-seok, who escaped with several others including the captain, has told the Associated Press that rescue efforts were hampered by the ferry’s severe tilt. “We couldn’t even move one step. The slope was too big,” he said.
YTN reports that it’ll take about a month to lift up the sunken Sewol Ferry by using cranes & other machines
Crew member Oh Yong-seok, who escaped with several others including the captain, has told the Associated Press that rescue efforts were hampe…
"Very Sorry, Nothing to say now" response of captain to coastguard investigating him:
One S.Korea navy ship crew member who has worked in the rescue operation is now under unconscious state.
Local police stated some messages claiming “We’re still alive” are mostly fake. 
"Madam President, please save my child." Parents are holding South Korean President and crying (Newsis):
"We’re inside the ship" - text messages sent from the sinking South Korean ferry
The blue line stands for Sewol ferries normal route, but JTBC expects Sewol ignored that and moved onto the path dictated by the red line:
South Korea coast guard resumed its rescue operation. Unmanned Robot to join to have a better findings of people.
All major TV channels here in South Korea have decided to halt the regular broadcast of dramas and entertainment programs temporarily.
South Korean LA Dogers pitcher, Ryu HyunJin’s (@HyunJinRyu99) message - 모두들 무사히 가족품으로 돌아갔으면 좋겠네요 … 모두들 힘내세요. Remembering the Sewol disaster.
LA Dogers message - paying respect to those affected by the sinking of the Sewol ferry in South Korea:
"You didn’t replied my text, Please reply ASAP, I miss you" A friend of Sewol Passenger message (via: 조재환):
YTN - People staying at Jindo Gymnasium are showing moving up to the podium and showing their anger.
3 out of 4 cranes now arrived at ferry rescue scene. One Crane about to arrive 4pm KST.
Picture shows family members of Sewol passengers waiting for their loved ones at port:
Korean media is commonly saying: “Still, we have a little bit of hope”.
16-year-old Russian Girl is still missing.
9am KST look of Jindo Gymnasium. Family Members are saying “We cannot trust the government” (YTN):
Very emotional scene in Jindo. Parents screaming and crying “captain, come out” and “government help us” (via Kyung Lah):
South Korea ferry: Messages from a sinking ship
Hospitalized Kwon (6) brought back to Gym for Park. I believe she should have gone to the traumatized child:For those of you who do not know young Kwon’s story: This young girl and her family were moving to Jeju via boat because airfare was too expensive. Although she was rescued, her parents are missing. She was hospitalized then brought back for a meet/greet with President. Her brother is still missing and is currently the only survivor of her family. 
(10:45AM) Update: Rescuers have started to inject oxygen into the ship again.
The ferry is completely/nearly completely submerged.(11:25AM) UPDATE: THE SHIP HAS BEEN ENTERED.(ETA: Misinformation between government and coastguard; NOT been entered.)
YTN live shot : Divers are now preparing to go under the water for Sewol rescue:

(12:37PM) Update: The ferry is now fully submerged.(Unsure how deep the ferry has sunk.)
Current toll: 475 on board, 179 rescued, 27 dead, 269 missing.
(12:50PM) Update: Death toll is now 28. 268 missing.
(1:10PM) Update: Many are saying unethical reporting is happening where reporters are targeting children or going too far pushing the issue.-Please stop, it is the time to inform, not inflict more harm upon others.(2:49PM) Update: Prosecutors could get arrest warrant for captain as early as today. New info says he gave wheel to 3rd mate during time of incident.
Names of missing Sewol passengers will not be revealed to respect family members.
8-year-old Kim Kiwoong and Cheong Hyunsun, who are victims of Sewol incident, were a couple to soon marry. They promised to marry this fall. They were the crew members of Sewol. -Absolutely heartbreaking. Please Rest In Peace, both of you.(Kim Kiwoong funeral parlor.)
Parents/families are highly fed up with the situation and journalists. They just want peace of mind and results.
(3:51PM) Update: Combined Investigation unit to claim arrest warrant on Sewol ferry captain within a day. 
More than 150 ships are now on the scene for rescue. Operation progress is not going better than expected. 268 still missing.
Yonhap - “As of 3:38pm KST, divers are trying to enter the cargo area which is located on the 2nd floor of Sewol.”
54 hours into the Sewol incident: 28 dead, 179 rescued, 268 still missing. Water temp is 13ºC.(4:05PM) Update: Coast Guard said they are working on the door and efforts are underway.
(4:40PM) Update: YTN: 10 out of 28 bodies are still unidentified.-Hoping one is not my lovely angel…
S. Korea Coast Guard: “Still no bodies found within the ferry.”
A post-it message at Danwon High-school saying “Please Come Back” (via @Medrowdia):

(5:20PM) [!!] [BREAKING] [!!] UPDATE:Tragic news. Vice Principal of Danwon High School found dead. He was found to have committed suicide. Sources say that the Vice principal of Danwon High School escaped earlier from Sewol ferry than students.The body of Vice Principal of Danwon High School was found near Jindo Gymnasium. He was 52 years old.Vice Principal of Danwon HS ranked top on Naver’s trending search: 
Danwon HS homepage no longer accessible as of this current time.
Officials at Jindo gymnasium just asked parents to come and take a DNA test. It seems they are, indeed, preparing for the worst.Parents asked in shouting voices why that was needed. The official soon after left the stage.The official once again came on stage saying that, only those desiring to, can take the test.(6:20PM): YTN Anchor who is located 50m away from the rescue scene stated, “Divers are doing the rescue operation and having many difficulties”.A DSME Crane is positioned at the Sewol rescue scene. The rescue operation is on-going:
YTN shot - Inside look at Sewol ferry. This photo was taken when the happened on Wednesday:(7:04PM) Update: Someone at Jindo gymnasium has collapsed, currently receiving medical treatment. Everyone here at Jindo looks exhausted, weary from waiting.
(7:15PM) Update: We have hit the 58 hour mark, the latest toll: 29 dead (including Danwon’s HS VP), 268 missing, 179 rescued.
South Korea’s government decided not to reveal the full names of people who passed away from Sewol.
Coast Guard officials gave a briefing at the gymnasium with no new developments. Bowing and saying he is sincerely sorry..
A parent went up, asking for the mic and said he has lost all trust in the government and all domestic medias.
Spats between parents are showing they all have reached a breaking point. With really nowhere else to turn.
(7:35PM) Update: The Coast Guard informed the Gymnasium that another body was found. The identity is unknown, so officials read out physical traits for someone to identify.
-Things are looking so very grave, everyone. Though I am beyond fearful of future news, I will continue to update until the end.
(8:10PM) Update: Officials have announced DNA testing will will be conducted tomorrow 10AM for those who want it
[IMPORTANT] Underwater rescue efforts— divers have been attempting to get access to the third floor, where passenger rooms are located, since 7PM. An hour with no luck so far.
(9:35PM) [IMPORTANT] Update: Suicide note found in Danwon Vice Principle’s wallet. Says “I’m sorry that I survived myself” and that he wishes to be their teacher in the afterlife…
The found bodies condition are too clean. It is likely they survived and then died from the sunken Sewol ferry. bodies found could have been rescued, but they were too late (hence condition of bodies).(10:35PM) [IMPORTANT] Update: Fixed toll of Sewol Ferry - 476 Total, 174 rescued, 28 dead, 274 missing (Coast Guard official)
The Coast Guard stated “Some people on the list of board used other transportation. So the number has changed”.
The Coast Guard also went back to say rescue operations did begin around 1PM, the original time reported.
Oxygen is no longer being pumped into Sewol. Plans are to pick up oxygen pumping again tomorrow morning.
Prosecutors file arrest warrant for captain, third mate, and one other crew member on charges of manslaughter.
Video: South Korean journalist 조재환 reacts to reports that teacher who planned ferry trip has been found hanged:
(11PM) Update: 62 hours has passed since the Sewol disaster. YTN reports divers are finally at the entrance of 3rd floor. Rescue operation is in progress.
(4AM) Update: Yonhap - Captain of Sewol ferry claims “I did the broadcast saying ‘Evacuate the ship immediately’”-do not even start. You are gaining sympathy from no one.
This Yonhap photo shows a diver is suffering because of high tide at incident scene: 

[IMPORTANT] Crews & Captain of Sewol have been taken into custody.
The South Korea ferry disaster: Here’s what we know so far: 
At 65 hours past the incident: 30(+Danwon HS VP) dead, 174 rescued, 273 missing. (Yonhap web)
Captain of Sewol saying : “When ferry begin sinking, there were no ships to assist or rescue”-That is a poor excuse and you know it
3am scene of Paengmok Harbor in Jindo, S.Korea. The lights still on as we wait for survivors (KBS): 
KBS Camera Staff took inside water look of Sewol rescue scene. Poor Visibility for divers. 
Sources say that 26-year-old, 3rd officer (Woman), operated the Sewol ferry and that decision was made by captain Lee Jun-seok.
Main Rescue Operation resumed this hour, but no news of Survivors yet. 
(8AM) Update: 3 bodies seen near the window on the 4th floor of Sewol.(8:40AM) Update: 8:35AM scene of Paengmok Harbour in Jindo, S.Korea. People are now waiting for their loved ones.

(9AM) Update: Official Sewol toll - 30 dead (+Danwon HS VP), 273 missing, 174 rescued 

(10AM) Update: The US Navy is now joining the rescue effort.
72 hours have passed since the Sewol incident. Current water temperature is 12.8°C. Rescue efforts still in-progress but no reports of survivors.
Water current remains strong today and wind speeds are expected to increase .
The combined investigation unit will summon more than 10 Sewol crews today. Further assisting the investigation of Sewol ferry.
Link to video: [SERIOUS/CONCERNING/MAJOR] UPDATES: It’s being reported that there may be an oil leak from Sewol that could impair rescue efforts. The ferry is continuing to sink. Currently, no problems regarding issue. Oil leaks confirmed. Working with urgency.76 ships and 28 aircrafts are at the Sewol rescue. Rescue workers found 3 bodies within the ferry and tried to bring them out.
Coast Guard briefing: We use holes within ship for oxygen injection. No new punctures to ship are being made (new holes could affect pressure).
Coast Guard briefing: 3rd floor operations were unsuccessful due to strong currents under water
Coast Guard briefing: 652 divers to go inside of water more than 40 times today. We don’t have much time.
Yonhapnews TV reporter: “Still difficulties remaining on Sewol rescue effort”
Rescue operations have made the most progress in the last day with divers making it into the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors
Water current is, at present, difficult to handle, but expected to calm in the near future.
Gas from the ferry is now leaking at the rescue scene of Sewol. This could be the major problem for rescue efforts.
Right now: Coast guard briefing parents about search. Holding hands, crying, others yelling at coast guard (via Kyung Lah):

A new Yonhap photo shows how the Sewol Rescue effort is on-going:

"Korean ferry captain arrested now. He says he gave evacuation orders. Surviving passengers say he didn’t. HM.” (via connieleeTV):
(11AM-11:59AM) Updates: Scores of ambulances are lined up at the harbor in Jindo, South Korea.
Currently, there are 3 lift bags keeping the ferry from sinking more. Cranes will most likely be used later diving efforts.
Korea University Briefing: Large chance patients will fall into severe depression following incident
Korea University Briefing: Stabilizing mental conditions of patients is a top priority"I wish they had this priority for the 6 year old girl two days ago. Instead of using her as a photo prop." (via @josungkim)-I wholeheartedly agree.
Korea University Briefing: There are 73 students here at the hospital and no teachers; That means almost all students are at that hospital.Current suspicions as to why the Vice Principal was released from the hospital without shock treatment and counseling.
(12PM) Updates: South Korea Prime Minister apologized for the troubling number of unaccounted passengers in the Sewol disaster. He states, “We’ll fix the current system ASAP”.
Such madness! Education Minister, Seo Nam-soo, is eating instant cup noodle at the gymnasium Sewol ferry family members are camped at.
Families follow the research underwater on big screen (via @StephaneLagarde): 
Disaster Headquarters: No visible damage to body of ship.
Disaster Headquarters: Top of the ship is now 10 meters under water.
Combined Investigation Unit : There is no evidence that the Sewol ferry crashed on rocks or other materials.
(1:30PM) [IMPORTANT/UPLIFTING] Updates: Joint Police Prosecutors: Captain said the accident happened when he left to go to his room. Said he was not intoxicated.When questioned about the announcement telling passengers to stay inside, he said it was because at that time, rescue boats weren’t showing up.He knew the water was very cold and they were in an area where the tidal currents were very fast.Captain also on video among first to get off the rescue boats and onto land -Someone remove his tongue for the lies he is telling.
[!!] Oil slicks starting to affect rescue operations at site.
For those curious about food and blankets: 
The cause of the sinking was due to a sharp turn when the 3rd mate was steering. Why the turn was made is unknown currently.
Joint Police: Third mate, who was steering, did not speak
All Ansan Citizens are wishing passengers of Sewol get well soon - a Parents union message at Korea Univ Ansan HOSP: 
[…] Tears and Worries.. Many people here at Funeral Area are losing their hope.
"We wish missing Sewol passengers to come back shortly” a message from National Tax Service Ansan: 
Wish all passengers to come back as miracle - a message of church which located nearby Ansan Danwon High school: 
"We’ll pray, Please come back." post-it messages at Ansan Danwon High School: 
"Welcome, Thank You" Danwon High School students are now welcoming visitors right now:
"Flowers are still beautiful. If you come back let’s go out and take a picture." message at Danwon: 
I hope all these messages at Danwon turns to a ‘Miracle’:
Big applause to the volunteers here at Danwon High School:
Here at Danwon HS auditorium, people here are watching live stream of Jindo auditorium: 
(3:40PM) Update: Gas from the Sewol ferry is spreading all around at the incident scene. It represents the difficulties of rescue:

The underwater operation scenes. Divers hold ropes with flashlights. It’s tougher for the divers to see underwater (via Jae Hee):

-Aside from the current oil spill, there seemed to be great chances of finding survivors due to condition of bodies found until now. Let us keep our fingers crossed for survivors being found soon.
(4:40-5:30PM) Update: SBS says that rescue efforts have been underway for the past hour
Total passenger count has gone back down to 475… let the frustration ensue…-I will not comment on how frustrated this is making me. South Korean journalist: “This is crazy [regarding number changes].”-You’re preaching to the choir, buddy.
Wind speed is expected to decrease significantly in the next 40 minutes. Possible positive in light of all difficulties.
The Government is saying is that the passenger list is incomplete.- H O W . ?!?!!?
SBS just announced the number change as well.
25 year-old third-mate of the Sewol, who was at the wheel of ship when it sank, was navigating those waters for first time.
Tonight, Coast Guard to shoot more than 790 light bombs to light up the Sewol rescue effort.
'An earnest prayer' A mother is waiting for her child to come back soon at Jindo: 
Funeral of 24-year-old, Choi Hye-jung, Danwon High School homeroom teacher:
The first underwater operation scene was filmed by civilian divers & family of the victims of Sewol, NOT by navy divers:
An article that talks about how the accident happened earlier then what is being reported: (Korean)
New death toll of Sewol: 32 (including Danwon HS VP), a woman’s body found a few minutes ago.(6:30PM) Update: 33 people (including Danwon HS VP) now confirmed dead…. Absolutely heartbreaking. It’s now 6:45PM here in South Korea.
Officials reinstate 476 as total passenger count. YTN says to no longer post numbers until confirmed.-I am done with you people and your numbers. I give up. Fine.
A crowd gathered at Cheonggye Plaza Seoul in memory of the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster (via @amnseoul): 
Children hold banners calling for Park Geun-hye’s resignation & Out! Out! Incompetent government (via 안서연): 
The entire country has been thrown into utter chaos due to the recent Sewol ferry incident & incompetent government:
People hold a rally at Cheonggye Plaza Seoul for the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster: 
A mother of ferry victim got down on her knees and begged to the President for rescuing, but no change:
 (5:30-6:30AM) Update: Sewol Toll: 174 rescued, 36 dead and 266 missing.
Crane operation needs to get a permission by family members of Sewol passengers. Rescue effort is still-on going to find 266 people.
Protesting against the fraudulent election & Sewol Ferry Disaster (via Jae Hee):
Air could be limited at this point, shown by continual sinking of the ferry.
Analysts believe passengers most likely in 3rd, 4th and 5th floor.
3rd floor search was incomplete due to strong currents.
Those following Sewol this is a MUST WATCH. Parent: “Nothing’s being done. It seems they are just wasting time.” (Korean)Parent: “You have to know that what broadcast are showing isn’t close to the real picture”Parent: “We pooled money the first day and rented a boat and there were barely any rescue operations happening.”Parent: “They said that divers spend 15 minutes under water but after subtracting the in/out time, they really only spend 5 minutes.”Parent: “What can they find in 5 minutes?”
They are predicting they had 72 hours of air to live. They also hope the oxygen injections help increase the air pockets.Officials have registered DNA’s of 90% of unaccounted for.
Officials say rescuers broke the window on 4th floor and have retrieved the 3 bodies 40 minutes ago. Death count now at 36.
“Truly appreciate Sewol articles that show the country’s grief. I question journalists critiquing culture/tendencies at this very moment." - Joseph Kim
A sister of missing at gymnasium: “I just want to be reunited with her. I don’t care about anything else [regarding the governments effort].”
Family members are still showing their anger against South Korea GOV. Painful moments still remaining..
People are arriving for an Easter memorial service in Ansan, for the passengers on the Sewol ferry;Church in Ansan is packed. Several thousand here;Most people in church are crying as a teacher of missing pupils reads a letter to them;Candles lit for Sewol passengers at special Easter service in Ansan (via Lucy Williamson): 

Family members to go up to Seoul and are planning to meet the president at Cheongwadae (Presidential House) today. ‘Clash’ expected soon.
Search term ‘Cheongwadae(청와대)’ now ranked 2nd on Portal site Naver. It means eyes are on family members plan:
Outburst of anger by ferry family members. Confrontations between family members of Sewol ferry and the police: 

6AM KST look of Sewol rescue scene. You can see the lift back shows the location of ferry(SBS): 
(7:30-8:30AM) [IMPORTANT/BREAKING] Update: Parents who planned to go to Cheongwadae decided to go back to the Jindo auditorium (SBS report).
[!!!!] YONHAP BREAKING [!!!!]: Rescue workers found 10 more bodies at the Sewol incident scene.Latest Sewol toll: 46 confirmed dead, 256 still missing, 174 rescued. 
We do not know the current location of the 10 bodies right now. Death toll currently skyrocketed. Truly heartbreaking.
For those curious about the three bodies found last night, all 3 were male students. Keep them and their families in your thoughts.
Experts say there is a likely hood that air pockets have collapsed due to number of bodies in recent hours. But also says that’s worst case scenario.
(9AM-10:30AM) Updates: The last ten bodies found (8 males, 2 females) are still unconfirmed, but officials say they were found in cargo area.
Weather conditions have been announced to be impairing the rescue efforts (rain/wind), but the divers will focus on cafeteria/passenger rooms.
The inaccuracies reported until now. And it’s a wonder why parents are angry?: 
49 families en route to Cheong Wae Dae (the presidential house) for call for urgency, have been stopped at the Jindo Bridge.Police have been stopping parents since last night.
Death toll now up to 49. 253 still missing.
(10:30AM-12PM) Updates: 100 families are out in Jindo bridge, standing off against police who are blocking them from leaving the island.They’re being blocked from leaving the area and even if they reach Seoul by bus, riot police are waiting at 고속터미널 gate.No media outlets thus far are covering what is going on with the parents of the missing students. MBC has finally (12PM) reported some of it.
Death toll now 50.
[Ferry Disaster] Funeral takes place for sunken ferry victims:
[!!!!] IMPORTANT [!!!!]: Family members of Sewol passengers are demanding to meet South Korea president.We need your support, please share this and spread the word:
(12-1:30PM) Updates: A navy sergeant who served the Sewol rescue effort finally passed away because of a head injury.
[!!!!] MBC and other channels don’t report this scene, watered-down reporting: 
Riot police are now stationed at Seoul Express Bus terminal to block Sewol family members path to Cheongwadae now.
Analyst on KBS: “We have to search [the boat] with the assumption that passengers are alive.”
South Korean Prime Minister about to enter Jindo auditorium for an announcement.
"We do not trust the government, the only thing to do right now is to meet South Korea president.” Common thought of Sewol passengers family.
When Sewol family members showed anger towards police; A Policewoman is showing tears.. Another heartbreaking Yonhap photo:
(2-3PM) Update:2 more bodies found. Still awaiting confirmation.Update: Death toll now confirmed at 52.  2 more bodies are found. Death count at 54. Death count now at 56.
Students standing in prayer outside Danwon school gates;Flowers and messages outside Danwon high school in Ansan. (via Lucy Williamson):
101 hours have passed since the Sewol disaster.
Divers are searching through the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor. Expanded underwater operation today.Guidelines are in place so operations can sustain two divers.
(3-4PM) Update: Update from investigation: Sewol tried to communicate with Jindo traffic control center 11 times, starting 31 minutes before 1st distress signal.
Possibility that attempts to call for help were made before distress signal.
A very important read:
KBS: Crew members of Sewol didn’t have any lessons of safety before they went on-board (Combined Investigation Unit Official).
VTS told Sewol to begin emergency procedures. The two made last contact at 9:37AM, which is when the crew reportedly abandoned ship.
Lying YTN news says a sea soldier died due to rescuing Sewol passengers, but the accident happened April 15. Regardless, RIP.
Control tower in Jindo ended up sending emergency help response on VTS to entire country to try and save Sewol, transcripts show.
(6-7PM) Update: JTBC’s Lawyer: Captain of Sewol can be sentenced life-in-prison, but based on his age( 69) the level of sentence can be changed.
5pm scene of Sewol. You can see the crane which is preparing to lift up the ferry (on stand-by only): 
KBS is airing the problems of Korean media covering Sewol ferry disaster. Main point is “interviewing family members is rude behavior”.
Korean authorities admit private divers are more capable:
Tragic story happens again. 2 male bodies recovered. Death toll now goes up to 58.
Sewol disaster latest toll: 476 Total, 174 Rescued, 58 Deceased, 244 Still Missing.
South Korea Government finally declared Jindo, Ansan as a special disaster area.It means the government decided to expand its support or budget on Jindo, Ansan.-This late? You wait until now? I am speechless.
Transcript reveals confusion over Sewol ferry evacuation:
Joint Investigation are gathering Kakaotalk messages as evidence to compare with captain’s testimony and the ship’s transcript.
(7-8:15PM) Update: 2 months prior to incident, Sewol ferry received “satisfactory mark” for emergency drill training.
That was under the original Sewol captain. However, rescued crew members have conflicting testimonies saying they did not receive training.
"Horrifying news: Just heard from a colleague in Jindo that there were scammers who told families they’d find their child for $100,000.” - Joseph Kim -This just made my heart sink.. What kind of monsters would do that…
For the 4th day of the rescue mission alone, roughly 30 bodies have been recovered.
-Things are not looking up right now, everyone, but let us keep strong faith.
Lee Ju-Young, Maritime Minister, posed for souvenir photo after visiting Jindo. Angers Sewol victim families (via @leesanghoC): 

VP of Danwon High School suicide note. He was investigated by the police for 11 hours as soon as rescued: *in the afterlife; not underworld
30-40 people, crew members, and others associated, have “overseas travel ban” and are prohibited from leaving the country until further investigation.
No one knows the whereabouts of the original captain or has had contact with him.
Passengers are now saying that they did not receive any emergency procedure instructions before the ferry set sail.

Write #PrayForSouthKorea and share a message in your own words.
(#PrayForSouthKorea //// Wish all passengers of Sewol come back soon. Credit 조재환)
[!!] LOCAL [!!] : You can mail all donations to the following address:
전라남도 진도군 진도읍 철마길 25,진도군청 주민복지과(Credit to 조재환 for the pictures that do belong to him.)


Official confirmed update.
475 On Board
6 Dead (3 male student, 2 female students, 1 female crew member)
179 Rescued
290 Unaccounted/Missing

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I’m sick of people wrongly defining bisexuality. It’s not ‘attraction to both men and women’ it’s about being attracted to ‘bi’ things like bicycles, binoculars, bilinguals and binary coding smh

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Q.Your dream when you were young? ”It’s not a special dream, until the 5th year of primary school I dreamed about being a security guard.”

Q.Your dream when you were young? It’s not a special dream, until the 5th year of primary school I dreamed about being a security guard.”

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What is [going] on, in that little head of yours?

What is [going] on, in that little head of yours?

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140330 4Minute World Fansign
cr; idolgrapher | DO NOT EDIT

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Jin are you ok

Jin are you ok

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You’re the prettiest girl in the world
Please accept my love
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biggest plot twist tbh

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Blink, blink, blink

Blink, blink, blink

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↪ 6/9 favpics: nana. for izuiki.
6/9 favpics: nana. for izuiki.
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